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I mentioned during the Halloween Spooktacular that I really needed to update some of the photos on my About page. I love the one of me as Sally, but it was taken years ago, so when I got home last night I took some goofy selfies and then Craig took a couple as well. I can’t say my costume this year was unique, but at least I wore one! (I dug through my old Halloween boxes to find a dress, necklace, and hat from previous years about an hour and a half before I left for the library.) Why am I telling you all this the day AFTER Halloween? First of all, why not? And also because now you can vote on which picture I add to my About page. 😀



From now until mid-June, I’m counting down my ten favorite SF/F TV shows – ranking them from least to most. Least favorite doesn’t mean it’s bad though. If it’s on my list, it means I liked it enough to watch beyond the pilot. My thoughts on each are included and, for once, these are SPOILER FREE posts.

10. Witches of East End [witches]: Based on the book by Melissa de la Cruz. Julia Ormond’s American accent is terrible, but I still like her and her character, Joanna Beauchamp. (Since that character is supposed to have lived for thousands of years, why couldn’t Ormond keep her English accent? Why not give the character a brief Brit background or something?? People who know more about this, chime in.) I’m only a few shows in, and I like it, but I have to admit I’m leery of getting too attached. The show was cancelled after two seasons. There’s an online petition underway to bring it back so, who knows, maybe East End fans will prevail the way the browncoats did.

Are you watching Witches of East End? Did you read the book? Don’t you HATE it when stories get cancelled before they are appropriately wrapped up by their creators? 😉

Julie and Sandy Moffett: Why does America have a fascination with Salem witchcraft?

My next guests are Julie and Sandy Moffett, authors of The MacInness Legacy Trilogy. This month, they released a boxed set that also includes a bonus novella. They’re here to share a bit about the books and discuss our fascination with the Salem witch trials. They’re giving away three box sets at the end of the tour. To enter to win, use the Rafflecopter link below. Welcome, Julie and Sandy!

When my sister and I decided to write a paranormal series together, our brother challenged us to write about Salem witches. Although we believed the topic a well-used one, we accepted the challenge and set out to add a twist to the story. The twist…set the series a hundred years later in 1792. By then, the town had shifted it sights to the world sea trade, which brought wealth to many of its prominent citizens. Still, Salem had yet to live down its infamous reputation, even though reparations and apologies had been made.

As we talked about what to write for this blog, Sandy’s husband pointed out an article called An Unholy Mess in the recent American History magazine (December 2014) written by a descendant of executed witch Rebecca Nurse. The witch trials to this day still draw in the curious and raise the question of how and why did they happen. Sandy has vivid memories of her school drama class enacting Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. She found it a reminder that mass hysteria can often lead to deadly results.

Why did Salem go through this tumultuous period, when other nations around the world had pulled away from death penalty punishment over fears of mysticism? Why did the fear of witchcraft still linger in Salem? The author suggested several possibilities. One concerned the pocket of Puritans living in Salem with strong beliefs in evil spirits and Satan. Another addressed a disgruntled minister who hadn’t been paid in a year. His two daughters were the first affected by strange afflictions (supposedly caused by the witches in Salem) and they began pointing accusing fingers––some at the family members of the church committee who hadn’t paid their father.

Cold reality put an end to the trials after twenty executions, when the governor’s wife and the mother-in-law of Salem’s magistrate were accused of being witches. It’s no surprise the learned men saw the fallacy of the trials when their own relatives became targets. Imprisoned witches were released and executions permanently postponed. It took another fourteen years for the last of the young accusers to apologize for her instrumental role in causing the death of twenty innocent people. Not a welcome legacy to live with.

Could this type of hysteria happen again today? Maybe not over witchcraft, but what other beliefs could drive people to point fingers of guilt at one another?

Julie and Sandy released a box set of their popular Salem paranormal series this month. This award-winning trilogy, plus a FREE novella, was written by sisters about sisters.

Three sisters. Three witches. One hundred years after the Salem witch trials. Time is running out to stop a deadly curse…
Three sisters. Three witches. One hundred years after the Salem witch trials.
Time is running out to stop a deadly curse…

The MacInness Legacy Trilogy

In 1692, an innocent man accused of witchcraft hangs in Salem, Massachusetts. His death reignites a deadly feud between the descendants of two ancient Scottish clans—MacGow and MacInness, which leaves the MacInness clan descendants cursed. Any man who weds a MacInness is destined to an early death. The MacInnesses have one century to lift the curse and reflect it back upon Clan MacGow. Nearly one hundred years later, triplet sisters separated in childhood, are being drawn back to Salem. The have three months to refine their unearthly talents of fire, sight, and healing, and break the deadly curse…or lose the men they love forever.

The Series Includes:
The Fireweaver by Julie Moffett
The Seer by Sandy Moffett
The Healer by Julie Moffett
And a BONUS novella Bewitching by Sandy Moffett, introducing Salem’s Academy for Ladies

Moffett Banner

More about Julie and Sandy

Moffett Bio PicsJulie and Sandy are sisters who grew up military brats. They love to travel, explore new places and different cultures, and share those adventures with their families. Julie also writes a popular geek mystery series for Carina Press, THE LEXI CARMICHAEL MYSTERY SERIES. You can see more details about her December 1 upcoming release NO TEST FOR THE WICKED and sign up for her newsletter at http://www.juliemoffett.com. Sandy has a new action-adventure series with a lady pilot who steals airplanes for a living. Her first book REPOSSESSED won a 2013 Daphne du Maurier and a Georgia Romance Writers Maggie award. Her second book, OUTFOXED, is releasing next month. For more information and to get on her mailing list, check out http://www.sandymoffett.net.

The Giveaway

Julie and Sandy are giving away three box sets at the end of their tour. To enter to win one, click here.

For my complete giveaway rules, click here.

So what about you? Are you fascinated by the Salem witch trials? Could something similar happen today?

I’d like to think witch trials are behind us but, unfortunately, it’s all too easy to imagine hysteria trumping rational decision making in certain situations even today. (Consider what happened to Kaci Hickox, the asymptomatic nurse who recently returned from helping Ebola patients in West Africa). This post is a timely reminder not to let fear displace common sense, scientific reason, and human decency.

Thank you to Julie and Sandy for guest blogging today!

Karen Greco: First Rule of Fight Club

My next guest is Karen Greco, author of Tainted Blood, the second urban fantasy novel in her Hell’s Belle series. She’s here to talk about one of the things I find challenging: writing fight scenes. She’s also giving away ten e-copies of her latest release as well as some custom-made vampire stakes like the one Nina uses in Tainted Blood (U.S. only). The Rafflecopter link and other details are below. Welcome, Karen!

urban fantasy

Hell’s Belle readers know how much I love my fight scenes. They are my favorite moments to write. Some people are lovers, some are fighters. My characters are a whole lot of both.

When I started working on Hell’s Belle and found my fight writer calling, I knew I had to learn how to fight. I needed to feel my fist hit something (in my case, a heavy bag), to check the angle of my hip while I swooped in a round house kick, to know that the impact felt like when it connected.

Now, when I sit down to write the fight scenes, I often find myself jumping up out of my chair and marking out the scene’s progression. Nina flips a baddie over her back, I simulate it in my kitchen! Nina drops out of the way of a punch, to the floor I go! My puppies think I am either insane or the Best. Dog. Mom. Ever.

Sometimes the moves are damn near impossible for my all-to-human body to execute without one or two (or many) Three Stooges moments. But honestly, I really should not be able to do the moves. I am not a vampire, after all. I don’t have the speed, strength or agility of Nina. But I am able to execute it enough to get the basic feel, and I can share it with my readers. (And yeah, I know, “that’s not realistic!” Of course it’s not! I’m writing about VAMPIRES!)

And you know what? It feels damn good to get off my butt and move around a little.

So, when your reading Hell’s Belle or Tainted Blood, and you come to a fight scene, you can be assured that the moves were road tested before ending up on the page.

More About Tainted Blood

After surviving a vampire assassin (not to mention an awkward affair with a hot FBI agent that ended worse than she could have imagined), witch/vampire hybrid Nina Martinez is reunited with the full Blood Ops team in Providence, Rhode Island. Her Aunt Babe is tutoring her in all things witchcraft, and her vampire partner Frankie is enjoying the benefits of daywalking, courtesy of a demon spell.

When a segment of the Rhode Island vampire population is marked for death by a tainted blood supply, Nina and her team race to find Patient Zero before the local vampire population is wiped out. But when a demon infestation threatens to take control of the city, Nina must join forces with newly elected mayor—and closet demon— Ami Bertrand before the city falls into ruin.

Filled with fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat action, Nina and her group of supernatural misfits battle a surprising new enemy that threatens their very existence.

No wonder she still can’t get a date.

Karen Greco
Karen Greco

More About Karen

Karen Greco has spent close to twenty years in New York City, working in publicity and marketing for the entertainment industry. Originally from Rhode Island (she loves hot wieners from New York System, but can’t stand coffee milk), she studied playwriting in college (and won an award or two).

After not writing plays for a long time, a life-long obsession with exorcists and Dracula drew her to urban fantasy, where she can decapitate characters with impunity.

Her first novel, Hell’s Belle, was released in 2013. Tainted Blood is the second book in the best-selling Hell’s Belle urban fantasy series.

Karen can be found online here:

The Giveaway

At the end of her tour, Karen is giving away ten e-copies of Tainted Blood. Winners will also receive a custom-made vampire stake similar to the one used by Nina from Tainted Blood. U.S. only.

To enter, click here for the Rafflecopter link.

Click here for my complete giveaway rules.

Free Short Story Prequel

River Vamp

River Vamp: A Hell’s Belle Prequel Short Story

Frankie and Nina head to New York City for an early Blood Ops mission. Guess what they fish out of the Gowanus Canal?

Free at Smashwords

Tainted Blood Banner

So, writers, how about you? Are fight scenes easy or tough for you to write? Do you act them out in your head or in your kitchen?

Readers, do you have a favorite fight scene? Have you seen Fight Club? (How bad is it that I haven’t?)

Thank you for guest blogging today, Karen!

The Lovegrove Legacy: Whisper the Dead by Alyxandra Harvey

Today’s guest blogger is Alyxandra Harvey, author of WHISPER THE DEAD, a YA historical paranormal featuring witches, which releases next Tuesday. She’s here with character sketches and a chance to win one of three print copies (open to U.S. and Canada). To enter, please click on the Rafflecopter link at the end of the post. Welcome, Alyxandra!

Whisper the Dead, The Lovegrove Legacy, Alyxandra Harvey, YA, YA historical paranormal, witches

Visit magical London in 1816 and meet the heroine and hero of

Whisper the Dead from The Lovegrove Legacy:


Whisper the Dead, The Lovegrove Legacy, Alyxandra Harvey, YA, YA historical paranormal, witchesGretchen Thorn

  • Age: 18
  • Hair: short and blond
  • Eyes: brown
  • Familiar: Wolfhound
  • Magic: “Whispering”… sensing when a spell is going wrong and knowing instinctively how to fix it

Gretchen is wild and rebellious and impatient. Her twin brother Godric and her cousins Emma and Penelope are the only ones who let her be herself. Her mother is determined to mold her into a proper debutante, which is something Gretchen fights with as much dedication as she fights the Greymalkin Sisters terrorizing London. She spends most of her time hiding in libraries at social events like balls and musicales.

She has short hair, which became a bit of a trend in the early 1800’s (even Lord Byron’s lover Lady Caroline Lamb cut hers off). Gretchen is much more interested in riding horses, climbing trees, and sneaking about than she is in fashion— but she would have been the first to run out and chop her hair off as soon as she could. She feels choked by the rules of society and she isn’t too keen on learning a new set of witch-society rules.

She is quite keen however on thumbing her nose at The Order of the Iron Nail.

The problem is, the Order is now perfectly aware of her ability to get herself into trouble.

And Tobias Lawless, a Keeper, keeps getting in her way.

Whisper the Dead, The Lovegrove Legacy, Alyxandra Harvey, YA, YA historical paranormal, witchesTobias Lawless

  • Hair: blond
  • Eyes: blue
  • Familiar: Wolf
  • Magic: Tracking magic and curses

Tobias is a Keeper for the Order of the Iron Nail, sworn to keep the peace and protect witches from warlocks. He believes in rules and order, both for the protection of Magical London and also for the protection of his own secrets.

Which is why Gretchen Thorn is going to be a problem.

She is reckless, defiant, infuriating—and quite possibly the most interesting girl he has ever met.

Unfortunately, the Order comes first.


More About Whisper the Dead

Gretchen is struggling with her newfound gift as a Whisperer; the constant buzzing in her ears from detecting spells is more frustrating than fun, especially when she is spending time with one of the Order of Iron Nail’s Keepers, the icy but strikingly handsome Tobias Lawless.

But while Gretchen tries to hide the truth and resolve her feelings for him, London fades from beautiful and bustling to deathly silent …Something evil is once again menacing Mayfair, and Gretchen and her cousins must use their powers to prevent a horrible sacrifice.

Available at Amazon


The contrast between fighting off the Rovers and pasting a polite smile on her face for the single sons of earls was too stark. Residual magic burned through her. She was surprised the air around her didn’t crackle. Her mother shouldn’t begrudge her a stolen moment in the library, not if the alternative involved magic shooting off the ends of her hair. Hardly subtle.

Not to mention hardly marriageable material.

On second thought….

Better not. She’d already pushed her luck by going off with Godric.

Egyptian onion farming it was then. She walked along the book shelves, reading titles and glancing into the glass-fronted cabinets that held Lord Worthing’s collection of painted globes. It was dull and dusty and soothing. Her witch knot stopped aching.

Until someone grabbed her arm, yanking it behind her back and spinning her around. Her check pressed to the cold glass of a curio cabinet. Pain shot up to her elbow when she tried to move.

“Who are you?” a man’s asked, his voice quiet and cold in her ear.

“Who am I?” she barked back. “Who the hell are you?”

He evaded the kick she aimed at his most sensitive parts. Her skirts wrapped around her knees, hobbling and infuriating her. He turned her roughly around.

Tobias Lawless.

She wasn’t sure which of the two of them was more surprised.

Someone so chilly and perfect and wearing such a flawless cravat shouldn’t be mauling ladies in dark libraries. He also shouldn’t have several short iron daggers tucked inside his cutaway coat. It probably said something unsavory about her character that the sight of those daggers made her like him a bit more. But only a little bit.

“Let me go,” she yanked savagely down, breaking his hold. He didn’t move back, and his body continued to block her against the cabinets. The glass rattled.

“What are you doing?” he stepped closer still. She had to tilt her chin up.

“I am currently being accosted,” she snapped, driving the heel of her shoe into the top of his foot. He fell back a step, growling in his throat. Growling. He really didn’t seem the type.

She made a proper fist, not like the ones girls made when they hadn’t practiced before. She’d already punched a Rover tonight. She was very comfortable punching Tobias, Lord Killingsworth. Eager, in fact.

“What is wrong with you?” she asked finally. “Are you drunk?”

“Certainly not.”

She raised an eyebrow. “I’m the one being mauled and yet you take offense?”

“I can smell it on you,” he answered which was no answer at all. “There’s no use prevaricating.”

“I don’t usually bother lying about perfume,” she replied, now more bewildered than concerned.

“Not perfume,” he ground out, as if she was the frustrating one. “Dark magic.”

Her eyes narrowed to angry slits. “I beg your pardon.”

“As you should.”

She aimed for his head. It was big and fat and so perfectly groomed, how could she miss? He caught her wrist and squeezed. Hard. He shouldn’t have been fast enough.

An iron-nail pendant in the shape of a wheel slipped out from under his collar. Gretchen stared at it, then transferred her glare to his haughty, unkindly beautiful face.

“I knew it.” She gave him a smile better suited to one of the animals in the zoological gardens. “You’re a bloody Keeper.”

Alyxandra Harvey
Alyxandra Harvey

More About Alyxandra

Alyxandra Harvey lives in a stone Victorian house in Ontario, Canada with a few resident ghosts who are allowed to stay as long as they keep company manners. She loves medieval dresses, used to be able to recite all of The Lady of Shalott by Tennyson, and has been accused, more than once, of being born in the wrong century. She believes this to be mostly true except for the fact that she really likes running water, women’s rights, and ice cream.

More About the Giveaway



Whisper The Dead Banner

Thank you, Alyxandra, for guest blogging today! Tomorrow, I’ll post FF&P’s October workshop descriptions & links and Friday (hopefully!) I’ll load up some pictures from the Baltimore Book Fest. Hope everyone had as great a weekend as I did!

Lee Roland’s Vicious Moon: Excerpt and More Chances to Win Tour Giveaway

*If you’re looking for my NAmazing Adventure post, click here. Now on to today’s post…

The cover for Lee Roland’s Vicious Moon caught my eye and I thought I’d check it out. Recently released (July 2nd), it’s the third book in her Earth Witches series. Lee is currently on tour with Paranormal Cravings Book Tours. Below is more info and a chance to win all three books in the series (btw, I’m loving the cover of Viper Moon too!). Congrats to Lee on her new release!

urban fantasy, witches, magic, Lee Roland

 Excerpt from Vicious Moon

Nyx is on the run from the Sisters of Justice

The Sisters had caught me on the highway north of Redding three hours ago, and run my car off into a ditch.  I escaped into the Shasta National Forest on foot.  I had no idea how they kept finding me.  I’d thrown every hiding and cloaking spell I knew at them.  No matter what road I took, they were eventually right behind me.  It was as if I had a GPS tracker on my ass—or my car.  That couldn’t be because it was the first thing I checked.

Running away had often been an important facet of life.  I had run away from my home in the Southern Georgia Swamp ten years ago when the leaders of my coven pressured me to take a bunch of vows and become a true certified witch.  And they wanted me to find a suitable man and produce little witch babies.  I didn’t want to be a witch, or at least their kind of witch, and I certainly wasn’t then, or now, a high-quality candidate for motherhood.

I wanted more.  I wanted the world.  Anywhere I went though, the coven could probably find me. I solved the problem by joining the Army.  Once I took the oath to serve, even witches would have difficulty extricating me from the military’s clutches.  Oaths and vows were important to them.  After the army, I’d lived and worked abroad until I returned to the States three years ago—to California, over 2,000 miles from the swamp.

I still had no idea why the Sisters of Justice were after me.  I’d led them on an energetic chase.  The only thing I carried was the backpack containing certain life essentials that I always kept in my car.  Battle trained by the army and conflict trained by life, no one would take me down without a fight.  Given the tenacity of their pursuit, I had a feeling it would eventually come down to that fight.  And I would use all my resources, magic, training, and anything else I could dig up.  Given their official function, abilities and numbers, I would probably lose.

I made another hill at a dead run. I could feel the power of the land in these mountains, and draw upon it like fuel for a fire.  It gave me the strength to run forever—or at least until I outlasted the Sisters.  I was barely winded and pursuit fell further behind with every step.  I should have taken an overland route long ago.

Down the hill, leap over a log and—something massive slammed into my back.  It rolled me over into some brush and banged my ribs across a rock.  Then an enormous slimy mouth locked on my ankle and a large body plopped down on me.  The body farted in my face.


The ridiculous canine that had been given to me as my familiar when I was a baby had taken me down.  I hadn’t seen him in ten years.  I didn’t have time to think about how he got here.  I pounded him with my fists.  “Get off of me.”

I wrestled with him, pushing and shoving, but he wouldn’t budge.  Since he was my familiar, I couldn’t use magic on him without hurting myself.  Some witches actually had familiars that helped them use magic, not pin them down for execution.  I was so blessed.

It didn’t take long.  The Sisters of Justice were on me in minutes as I struggled.

I suddenly had my arms twisted behind my back and a beaded necklace looped around my neck—a necklace infused with a powerful spell that would prevent me from using magic to escape. They’d come prepared.  Worse, I’d been betrayed by a creature I thought was my friend.

The tallest of the women spoke.  “Nyx Ianira, by command of the Earth Mother you are ordered to come with us.  If you resist, we are authorized to bring you by any and all necessary means.”

“Bitch.  You can stick your any and all means up your ass.”

What the hell did that mean?  If I resisted?   Of course I resisted.  Adrenalin raced through my body and I fought.  “Dirty cowards. Let me show you—”

I kicked one in the knee. She danced back, but not soon enough. I know I hurt her.

More About Vicious Moon

Ex-soldier and Earth Witch Nyx Ianira is working as a PI in San Francisco when she sees the last thing she ever wanted to see: the Sisters of Justice, the mysterious Earth Witch police force.  Three Sisters, a Triad, is usually a squad of executioners.  This time, though, the Sisters mission is to capture and escort an unwilling Nyx back to Twitch Crossing, Georgia.  Nyx ran away from Twitch Crossing ten years ago to escape the stiff rules and duties of being a true witch. She wanted a life of her own. Now she’s being dragged back to her swampy hometown because another life is in danger. Her little sister is missing, and Nyx is the only one who can go to the Barrows section of Duivel, Missouri and track her down.  But the key to finding her may lie with the dark and tempting Etienne—a sinister criminal with a fearsome reputation, a ruthless attitude, and a total immunity to magic.

Vicious Moon can be purchased here:

More About Lee

Lee Roland began her writing career in middle school when she wrote a short story for her brother. He turned the story in to his teacher as his own work.  To his amazement and terror, the teacher was so impressed that she read it aloud to the class—and asked him to write another one.

Lee notes that, other than motherhood, she’s never had an exciting job.  She might have dreamed of being a lawyer, nurse or police officer, but finding the right person to share her life with changed her plans.  Her only credentials for writing are a terrific imagination, life experience and the love of words in a good story.  She reads voraciously, but particularly loves Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.

Lee lives in Florida and is a full-time writer.  She is a member of RWA National and the Florida based First Coast Romance Writers.

Before being published, Lee won many RWA Chapter contests and garnered a Golden Heart nomination in 2008 with her post apocalyptic novel, LILITH’S CHILD.

Lee is the author of the Earth Witches series published by NAL, beginning with VIPER MOON in 2011.

Lee can be found online here:

The Earth Witches Series

and a Tour Giveaway

The Earth Witches, the keepers of the world’s magic, find chaos and desire in the hidden ruins of the Barrows.  Servants of the enigmatic Earth Mother, they battle men, monsters and personal conflicts to protect the world. With magic, modern weapons and strong companions, they persevere to save mankind from evil.

For a chance to win all three books in the Earth Witches series, click here for the Rafflecopter form.


Thanks for the excerpt and giveaway chance, Lee! Best wishes for Vicious Moon and the Earth Witches series!

Roxanne Rhoads on the Vampires in Hex and the Single Witch

Roxanne Rhoads

Roxanne Rhoads is my next guest for the 2012 Fall into Winter Darkness Book Blast. Many of you probably already know Roxanne because she’s the owner of Bewitching Book Tours. In fact, she’s been helping me with the DLOD blog tour — speaking of which, I’m at Ex Libris today talking about the humans from DLOD…while Roxanne is here to discuss the vampires from Hex and the Single Witch, the first book in her new Vehicle City Vampires series. As part of her tour, Roxanne’s giving away some really cool prizes, including SWAG packs, a $10 Amazon eGift Card, and e-copies of Hex and the Single Witch, so be sure to check out the prize pack pics and how you can enter to win them at the end of the post. Welcome, Roxanne!

The Vampires in Hex and the Single Witch by Roxanne Rhoads

Hex and the Single Witch’s main character, Anwyn, is a witch not a vampire so many are wondering — why is the series called Vehicle City Vampires?

Vampires run Vehicle City. Sometimes in the background, sometimes right out in the open and many don’t even realize they are dealing with vamps. The late twentieth century seen a second Hysteria where supernaturals of all sorts were outed thanks to vampires who decided they no longer wanted to live in the shadows pretending to be human. This caused a war…a massive slaughter with high casualties on both sides (human and Other). To remedy the situation the most powerful witches in the world cast a mass spelling that worked so well Others now walk among humans as themselves and the humans don’t even know they are dealing with anything unusual.

There is a small problem though — as time goes by those who were small children or not even born yet when the spelling took place — will soon be adults. And they see Others for exactly who and what they are.

The top fang in Flint is Satinka Tala. She’s a side character in Hex but will play an important role throughout the series and will have her own book after I wrap up Anwyn’s story.

Satinka Tala is a centuries old Native American vampire who was tasked with being The Guardian of the land that became Flint (Vehicle City). She takes her job seriously and wants to be at peace with humans. She rules the city with kindness and empathy and cares for the humans that are suffering.

She keeps her eyes on everything and owns a lot of land. And she’s very philanthropic. She wants the city to thrive. But everything seems to work against her. So she created a group of Guardians that are the paranormal equivalent to police. But they can do things the human police cannot — like take down demons and vampires — things bullets don’t stop.

Satinka tries very hard to keep the humans safe and the “Others” under control.  She even throws an annual Vampire Ball to entertain everyone and lets humans and vamps mingle safely. Vampires disguised as humans dressed as vampires.

Hmmm. Do you think this is what this happening at the actual Flint Vampire Ball? Yes there is a real vampire ball in Flint every year. It is hosted by Vertigo Theatrics and partial proceeds go to the Flint Farmer’s Market.

Another thing about Satinka is not only is she a vampire, she’s also a shifter. Not a were, but a shifter — no moon needed. And she can take more than just one shifted form.

Many of the vampires on Vehicle City Vampires will defy normal conventions and in a way, be hybrids.

The vampires are all a little different from each other. Some have issues with sunlight, some do not, some have silver sensitivities some do not.

This is because there are many species of Others (fae, demon, shifter, witch, etc) that have interbred with humans over the centuries. When a human is turned into a vampire the dormant powers inside them become active. Most humans will never know they have “Other” blood inside them until the catalyst of becoming a vampire brings that dormant power to the surface. In addition vampires also gain some of their abilities and powers from the vampire that made them, their sire. The result is a species of vampires that have a wide variety of powers and abilities. Which is why they are so hard to track, kill or fight — you never know what you’re going up against when you deal with a vamp.

A 100% human with no “Other” blood inside them will not survive the change into a vampire.

In the Vehicle City Vampire series I wanted to take all the myths, legends and variances of vampire abilities, mix them all up and create an explanation as to why vampires are all so different from each other.

Top photo credit: Leena Allure vampire photo taken by Ray Smith of RSII Photography 

Excerpt featuring Mike Malone

“You should have told me why you hate vampires so much. It was during the Hysteria wasn’t it?” The damn Hysteria ruined and destroyed so many lives all thanks to a bunch of power hungry vampires and Others who thought it was a good idea to let humans know they existed. Like the witch hunts, the burning times from before hadn’t proven that was a bad idea. But, no, they thought a new, modern generation of humans could handle it.

The Hysteria proved humans hadn’t evolved much. Of course, neither had the Others.

“Yeah,” he said into his hands.

“You know I lost my dad to vampires at the end. At the last battle. The rogues had the humans all riled up. No one knew what was going on, the riot started and there was this group of mercenaries, humans killing anything that moved. My dad’s team tried to get them out of there, but as soon as they realized vampires and Others were on the police squad the mercenaries decided to wipe everyone out. My dad was shot and while he was down rogue vampires finished him off.”

“Then how can you still be close to them?” Mike sneered.

“Humans played their part in his death too, Mike. Can I shut myself off from the world and hate everyone? It’s unrealistic. I understand your hate, but they are not all bad.”

“They all drink blood. They are monsters designed to kill humans.” His snarl looked ferocious.

I had not realized his hate ran so deep.

“And humans are designed to kill animals and each other. Doesn’t mean we all do.” Stubborn man.

“Anwyn, I’m sorry I can’t look at them the way you do.” He glanced at me then stared at the floor.

I touched his face gently and made him look at me. “Mike you can’t carry pain and anger around with you forever. Believe me, I know. I dragged it around with me for a long time. I lost both my dad and my mom that night. Even though my mom still lives and breathes, she’s not the same. But I can’t change it, and I can’t hate everyone for it. I just have to accept it. I took this job to try and prevent other kids from growing up with this pain and anger. Isn’t that why you took this job too? You know we have to fight the bad guys and take help from all the good guys we can, right?”

“Yeah,” he muttered.

I caressed his strong jaw. Goddess, he was a beautiful man. And more complex and tender than I had thought. I took off his top hat and laid it on the desk so I could run my fingers through his wild wavy hair. The move startled Mike and he look at me with a puzzled expression on his face for a moment before heat flared in his eyes.

As soon as I saw the flames in his eyes my body responded. A burning need rose inside me, an ache suddenly needed to be filled.

Mike’s expression changed into one that promised deliciously wicked things. Hot damn.

Roxanne Rhoads Hex and the Single Witch

More About Hex and the Single Witch

Anwyn Rose is descended from a long line of powerful witches yet she can barely cast spells young witchlings have mastered. She has one functioning witch gift, the power of knowing, which she puts to good use as a Detective on Flint’s Preternatural Investigation Team.

It’s a new era in Vehicle City, supernaturals are running the town.

The P.I.T has their hands full with paranormal crimes. Top priority is a serial killer, who appears to be a vampire, draining young women in the city.

Anwyn is on the case with her sexy partner Detective Mike Malone. Complicating things is her relationship Galen, a vampire who looks more guilty than innocent, although Anwyn trusts her instincts even if her power is on the fritz.

Mysterious spells, compromising situations, and a possible demon on the loose make it hard to focus on the case, but Anwyn has to make things right before the human police execute the wrong vampire.

Hex and the Single Witch contains magick, a little bit of mystery, a lot of supernatural mayhem, and a sexy love triangle that will leave you wanting more.

Roxanne Rhoads

More About Roxanne Rhoads

Story strumpet, tome loving tart, eccentric night owl…these words describe book publicist and erotic romance author Roxanne Rhoads.

When not fulfilling one the many roles being a wife and mother of three require, Roxanne’s world revolves around words…reading them, writing them, editing them, and talking about them. In addition to writing her own stories she loves to read, promote and review what others write.

Roxanne is the owner of Bewitching Book Tours and operates Fang-tastic Books, a book blog dedicated to paranormal and urban fantasy books.

When not reading, writing, or promoting Roxanne loves to hang out with her family, craft, garden and search for unique vintage finds.

You can find Roxanne online here:

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