Writers Who Create Other Things – Thank you!

I wrapped up this season’s guest blog series, which featured writers who create things other than worlds and characters, yesterday. For anyone who missed any of the posts, there are links below. Many of the writers sell their jewelry and crafts. It may be too late to order custom-made holiday gifts this year but there’s always birthdays, anniversaries, and next year! Thank you to everyone who followed along and to all of the participating authors. Your creativity is inspiring!

Delilah Devlin – The Emerald Casket (Jewelry)

Terry Spear – Award-winning Teddy Bears

Danielle Ackley-McPhail – Costume Horns

Sabina Bundgaard – Baubles and Beads (Jewelry)

Beth Caudill – Chainmail Jewelry

Leela Lou Dahlin – Ink Pen Bouquets

Suzanne Johnson – Drawing, Painting, and Mixed Media Artwork

Lizzie Newell – Book Lanyards and Costumes

As my kids say, it’s Christmas Eve Eve tonight. To those of you that celebrate the holiday, good luck with any last-minute shopping or wrapping!


Lizzie Newell: Beautiful Book Lanyards

Lizzie Newell is the last guest blogger in my fall/winter “Writers Who Create Other Things” series. She tells us how her latest research inspired her to make nautically themed book lanyards. I love the colors, materials, and story behind these lanyards. Welcome, Lizzie!

book lanyard, fishing gear, creativity, inspiration

Lizzie Newell on Costumes, Fishing Gear, Jewelry, and Writing

I’m a writer who makes art, jewelry, and costumes as part of my writing process. Currently, I’ve made a series of jewelry, based on fishing floats, to send to folks who signed up for my newsletter. I’m also putting the finishing touches on the book cover and interior for my soon to be published novella, Sappho’s Agency. I produced the cover image using digital painting. I work in a traditional manner, developing the painting from sketches as I learned to do as an art student.

My stories are set in on a maritime planet, Fenria, which resembles Southeast Alaska over the entire planet. Fenria has many islands and fjords but no continents. The entire population lives near the coasts. They use boats and ships for transportation, and get much of their food, fish and sea vegetables, from the ocean.

In doing the research for my writing, I read up on boats, ships, and fishing villages. I regularly travel in Southeast Alaska and have an extensive collection of seafaring music which continuously inspires me. I’m fascinated by systems of rope and string which leads to my apparently oddly juxtaposed interest in corsetry and maritime gear. A corset with its combination of cord, fabric, and semi-rigid elements has a strong resemblance to the shrouds, sails, and spars of a ship.

My inspiration for the jewelry series came from watching the docking process aboard an Alaska Marine Highway ferry. To dock a ship, the deck crew throws a heaving line to personnel on the dock. This heaving line has a monkey fist knot on one end. The other end of the line is tied to the hawser used to moor the ship. I wanted to try making the rigging in miniature which led me to making my book lanyards which can be used as either a bookmark or a necklace. I net wire around a marble to make miniature glass fishing float such as were used by fishermen in the 1940s. I attach each model float it to a miniature heaving line.

Fishing float book lanyard

Making these book lanyards serves multiple purposes. First, I can’t come up with ideas when faced with a blank computer scene, but if I have something to do with my hands the ideas flow. I’ve played a lot of Freecell, Minesweap, or Tetras. Jewelry takes the same type of thinking. I have tools and materials next to my computer for use as a break from writing. My sewing, which takes more space, is set up in my bedroom. I also make models out of paper and so have a cut mat on top of a drafting table to do the work.

I use my costumes, jewelry, and art as a way to promote my writing. At writers’ conferences, working on jewelry is a great conversation starter, so are my costumes.

Amelia Bloomer costume
Lizzie as Amelia Bloomer

I made a Bloomer costume based on the style of clothing promoted by Amelia Bloomer, a 19th century feminist and magazine editor. I wore this to political events as a way of promoting voting. I also made a regency era costume complete with underclothing and did a strip tease at Worldcon in Montreal. For this I was given a special award and I got a hug from Julie Czernida.

I post photos of my process on Facebook and I give the jewelry away. Each of my pieces has a jewelry tag with my name so that if anyone is curious about the jewelry they can Google my name. Best of all is how I meet other people who make jewelry, art, and costumes or who know about aeronautical and boat design.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Thank you, Lizzie, for guest blogging today!

Celia Breslin: Vampires, Love, Mayhem *and* The Best Ever Holiday Caramel Candy Recipe

Today’s post is an interview with urban fantasy/paranormal romance author Celia Breslin. She talks about her vampire series, writing habits, favorite books and authors, and she shares her favorite caramel recipe — perfect for eating while reading! 🙂

Celia Breslin, Destiny, vampires, urban fantasy, paranormal romance


Give us a 20-word summary for your latest release.

How about three words?  Vampires, love, mayhem.

Okay, just kidding.  Here are 20 words for DESTINY, book 2 in the Tranquilli Bloodline Series:  Carina must open her new club, repair her relationship, and save her friends from death by vampire. Sometimes destiny sucks.

Do you have a favorite character from your books? And why is he/she your favorite?

All my Tranquilli Bloodline characters hold a piece of my heart. But I hope Carina and crew will forgive me if I confess her mentor Jonas is my favorite. An ancient vampire originally from England, Jonas embodies extreme violence in a pretty package.  He’s a man of few words, dark and moody, fiercely loyal and violently protective of those few people he loves (such as Carina). I adore him so much that I gave him his own short story, VAMPIRE CODE.


How long have you been writing and who or what inspired you?

My Irish grandmother started it with her stories of the Fae, including one tale of her encounter with a Banshee in her root cellar. Imagination fueled, I wrote a lot of fairy tales as a kid.

Do you choose a title first or write the book then choose the title?

Title first, though the title is derived from the subject matter of the book, so that’s a little bit like asking, ‘What comes first, chicken or egg?’

Do you decide on character traits before writing the whole book or as you go along?

As my work is character driven, I develop character profiles prior to writing the whole story. I have detailed questionnaires on all major characters. Of course, they still manage to surprise me while I’m writing their stories.

Do you have another job in addition to writing?

Mom, cat wrangler, line and content editor, slush pile reader, Joss Whedon fan. Oh wait, that last one isn’t actually a job, ha.


What is your favorite book and why?

I have so many favorites in varying genres. In urban fantasy/paranormal romance, I adore these series:  J. R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood; Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark; Amber Belldene’s Blood Vine; and Larissa Ione’s Demonica and Lords of Deliverance.

Favorite author?

So many great authors in the world! In urban fantasy/paranormal romance: J.R. Ward, Kresley Cole, Amber Belldene, Tricia Skinner, Laura Kaye, Larissa Ione, and more!


Favorite format: e-book, hardback, or paperback?

All of the above.  I read a lot of eBooks, but there’s something quite satisfying about holding your own print book, or a print book by another author you love.

Favorite color?

Black and red. (I’m not a vampire. Really, I’m not, LOL.)

Favorite singer/group?

Depends on my mood. When I’m writing vampires, I often gravitate toward industrial and techno/electro, so NIN, The Prodigy, Bass Kittens, Meat Beat Manifesto, etc.

Favorite food?

Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Japanese, Chinese…ok, now I’m hungry! 🙂

Favorite holiday treat?

Without question, my grandmother’s caramels. The recipe is below so you can make them too!  Warning: they’re sooooo good that you’ll want to make them year round.


What’s in your writing future? More books in this genre or…?

Yes, more books in the urban fantasy and paranormal romance genres.  For urban fantasy, Carina’s adventures continue in ORIGINS, Book 3 in the Tranquilli Bloodline Series.  For paranormal romance, my wolf shifters in DIAMOND MOON will release in summer 2015 from Decadent Publishing. A second wolf shifter story is in progress.

 The Best Ever Holiday Caramel Candy, aka Grandma Eddie’s Caramels

  • 1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 2 cups white Karo Syrup
  • 1 stick of butter (1/4 lb.)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

 Mix together the first three ingredients (milk, sugar, syrup) in a large bowl. Melt the butter in a large heavy kettle, pour in the mixture and bring to a boil. Stir continuously while mixture boils until it reaches the temperature of 245 degrees Fahrenheit on a candy thermometer (can take up to 25 minutes). Note: If mixture overcooks, candy gets too hard. Once the 245 degree temperature is reached, remove kettle from stove. Stir in 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract, then pour mixture onto a large buttered cookie sheet or flat pan.

For more holiday treats, visit my blog today! (E-books and e-gift card up for grabs! Giveaway ends 12/23/14).

Happy holidays!


More About Destiny

In HAVEN, San Francisco nightclub owner Carina Tranquilli survives a vicious attack by her vampire family’s longtime archenemies. Several weeks later, as she struggles with PTSD and survivor’s guilt, supervillain Dixon resurfaces and kidnaps two of her best friends. To save them, Carina must comply with the evil bastard’s unusual demands. The kicker? She must tell no one what she is up to.

Meanwhile, she has a new dance club to open for the preternatural community, a fated soul mate acting secretive and distant, and a sexy, new, undead friend who’d love to take Alexander’s place in her heart and bed.

Blackmailed, betrayed, tempted…sometimes destiny has a wicked sense of humor.

Where to find it:

Celia Breslin, Haven, vampire romance, urban fantasy, paranormal romance
Celia Breslin

More About Celia

Celia lives in California with her husband, daughter, and two feisty cats. She writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and has a particular fondness for vampires, werewolves, and the Fae. When not writing, you’ll find her exercising, reading a good book or indulging her addiction to Joss Whedon’s TV shows and movies.

Thank you, Celia, for the interview and the caramel recipe!

… how’s everyone doing? How’s your December going? Mine has been busy, which is why I’ve been quiet lately. December is just one of those months when everything sneaks up on you, you know? 😀

I have one more guest blogger in my “Writers Who Create Other Things” series and then I’ll likely take time off from blogging until after the New Year. But I have some fun stuff planned for 2015 so stay tuned!

Jeffe Kennedy: Magic in the Twelve Kingdoms… and Our Everyday World

Jeffe Kennedy‘s latest release, THE TEARS OF THE ROSE received a 4 1/2 stars Top Pick Gold review from RT Book Reviews. For those of you who are unfamiliar with RT Book Reviews (go subscribe!) that’s a really terrific review. (I happened to see it not long after she sent me this post so I figured mentioning it would be a great way to introduce her). 🙂 She’s here with a topic that should appeal to fantasy and paranormal romance writers, as well as readers who love to hear about how we create the magic in our stories. Welcome, Jeffe!

“I’m fascinated by the idea that magic and other supernatural phenomena are simply products of universal laws we don’t yet understand.”

Thanks to Jill for inviting me to her blog today!

She asked me to talk some about the magic systems in my books, which isn’t something I get asked about all that frequently. In both of my fantasy romance trilogies thus far – A Covenant of Thorns and The Twelve Kingdoms – magic plays a fundamental role in the worlds.

A Covenant of Thorns takes place in Faerie, a world entirely infused with magic. The denizens of Faerie, with the exceptions of the human minority, are magical beings – some to the extent that they subsist entirely on magical energy. In The Twelve Kingdoms books, the world is populated mostly by humans and magic is scarce, mainly confined to the realm of Annfwn, where the Tala live. However, like the fae in my other series, the Tala are a magical people and the presence of magic in their world infuses everything about their lives and culture.

More than one reviewer has noted that Annfwn is a metaphor or form of Faerie, which I didn’t consciously intend, but I think the comparison is fair. In both series, the magical systems are outgrowth of Celtic culture, mythology and fairy tales. They both hearken to the earliest tales, such as the Táin Bó Cuailnge, which is an eighth-century cycle of Irish heroic tales. Much as in Greek mythology – another of my influences – they embody almost a form of magical realism, where magic infuses the world and shapes the creatures, landscape and events in the same way that the laws of physics, biology and ecology do.

This is my sweet spot.

As a scientist by training, I’m fascinated by the idea that magic and other supernatural phenomena are simply products of universal laws we don’t yet understand. In the Faerie of A Covenant of Thorns, I play with the idea that evolution follows a path similar to the one we know, but is accelerated and supercharged, if you will, by the mutating power of magic – which functions almost like a form of radiation in some cases. In The Twelve Kingdoms, the magic arises from the divine and from the land, which are profoundly intertwined. The Tala are shapeshifters and wizards because they have retained a stronger divine bloodline than the rest of the world.

In both of these series, the power of mental control, of self-discipline, self-knowledge and self-mastery all play a huge role. Thought is what controls the magic. This, then, loops back to the magical realism of the old stories, whether Celtic, Greek or from many other cultures I could list, that these tales teach lessons about how to govern our lives. Everything we struggle with – overcoming bad events, hoping for good outcomes, striving for more – all of that is essentially about manifesting what we want in our lives. Rather than waving magic wands or reciting spells, we govern our thoughts, eliminating negative thinking and focusing on the positive. In that way, we transform our lives and make them what we want them to be. That concept is at the core of all of my work, in truth.

A kind of magic we can all wield.

Thank you, Jeffe, for guest blogging today! Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Suzanne Johnson: The Secret to Staying Young and Sane

My next guest is UF, PNR, and romantic thriller author, Suzanne Johnson. She’s here as part of a guest blog series I’m doing featuring Writers Who Create Other Things. Many of the authors I’ve hosted recently have been jewelry designers, which is really neat. But Suzanne’s other creative talents are in drawing, painting, and mixed-media artwork. Below, she tells us her secret to staying young and sane. She also shares a bit about a new workshop she’s going to be giving next year, “Art Therapy for Writers and Readers,” and she’s giving away a signed original 9×12 mixed-media piece. Leave a comment below to enter to win. (U.S. only due to mailing costs unless Suzanne tells us otherwise in the comments). Welcome, Suzanne!

Be Creative and Play!

“I believe this is a fundamental truth: in order to stay young, in order to stay sane, humans need what I call creative play—call it a hobby or a craft or whatever, but we all need something creative to do that isn’t involved in our livelihoods.”

I’ve worked in journalism since I got out of college, and as I look back over the years, I realize my need for creative play has taken different forms at different times in my life. For a while, I scoured flea markets and resale shops and garage sales for pattern glass. I dabbled in macramé. I quilted. I made jewelry. I tried knitting scarves (accent on “try”).

Five or six years ago, I decided to try my hand at writing a novel, just for fun, and then the world tilted on its axis. Life changed pretty quickly as I fell in love with fiction writing, got published, and wrote more novels. Now, even though I maintain a day job, I consider “novelist” my primary occupation, and the past five years have been an absolute whirlwind of change.

So I found it a little strange that last winter, I found myself becoming obsessed with art. I’d done a lot of graphite drawings in high school and my mom painted a bit, but my school was too small to have offered art classes and I didn’t have enough talent or patience to pursue it as an occupation. But last winter, there I was, drawing. I had five novels due within the next thirteen months, the deadlines were mounting, and the day job was in turmoil.  I sure didn’t have time to be drawing pictures.

But I did it anyway, and it helped me write those books (well, the fifth one is almost finished) and survive the day-job chaos and remain relatively sane.

A year and a bulging box of artwork later, I’ve gotten a little perspective on the role art can play in the writing process. It’s tactile, and uses a different part of the brain than the one that’s tied up in knots trying to unravel plot points and figure out why the hero and heroine don’t have any spark.

This has nothing to do with artistic talent. Believe me, I’m no artist, not on any kind of commercial scale (and sometimes, not even on an aesthetic scale—LOL). What’s important is not what kind of art you produce, but about the process of producing it. The creative play. While my art brain is awash in ink and paper and paint, my writing brain can relax and noodle around those plot points without my interference.

(It’s the same process, I think, as why writers often get their best ideas while they’re driving or shopping or in the shower. Our subconscious is able to work interrupted, without us.)

When I began writing for publication, novel-writing was (and is) still fun, but it also became a business. It’s the most enjoyable, creative business in the world and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but it’s no longer play.

What I was doing in going back to art, I realized, was seeking a new form of creative play. I can’t claim to have come to this conclusion on my own. I took an online workshop from artist Jane Davenport, who said that when she was a commercial fashion illustrator, art journaling was her play, her hobby. Now that she makes much of her income from art journaling, she’s turned to canvas painting as her hobby because she still needs that creative outlet that isn’t tied to her livelihood. That really zonked me over the head.

Thus, my love of mixed-media art, which after some experimentation, has become my artistic mode of choice. I started 2014 with the intention of spending at least one hour a day making art this year, an hour playing. I knew it was taking time from an already insane schedule, but hoped it would pay off in productivity.

I think it has. And it’s FUN to play!

What do I do with the pieces I create? Right now, I don’t think they’re good enough to sell, but I give them away as gifts. The rest, I bind into journals to remind myself of my own creative journey. I write notes on the back—not just when they were completed or what techniques I used, but also what was fueling my life the days I worked on the piece: a run-in with the boss, the loss of my 16-year-old, beloved dog, worry about a family issue. It’s therapy with a brush and a tube of paint.

Suzanne Johnson Mixed Media Artwork

New Workshop for Writers and Readers

The act of getting messy and stretching new creative muscles has allowed my writing brain to get reinvigorated, stay fresh, and avoid burnout. I’m planning a workshop for authors and readers alike in March, doing mixed-media pieces tied to our works-in-progress or our favorite books. If you’re interested in being on a waiting list for “Art Therapy for Writers and Readers” send me an email at: suzannej3523 at gmail dot com or keep an eye on the Workshops tab of my website.

Till then, keep on playing! Do you have a creative hobby of your own? Leave a comment for one of my signed original 9×12 mixed-media pieces.

The Giveaway

U.S. only due to mailing costs unless Suzanne says otherwise below. To enter to win, leave a comment. Giveaway will be open until midnight EST Monday December 15, 2014. For my complete official giveaway rules, click here.

More About Suzanne

Susannah Sandlin, who also writes as Suzanne Johnson, writes paranormal romance and romantic thrillers from Auburn, Alabama, on top of a career in educational publishing that has thus far spanned five states and six universities—including both Alabama and Auburn, which makes her bilingual. She grew up in Winfield, Alabama, but was also a longtime resident of New Orleans, so she has a highly refined sense of the absurd and an ingrained love of SEC football, cheap Mardi Gras trinkets, and fried gator on a stick. She’s the author of the award-winning Penton Legacy paranormal romance series, a spinoff novel, Storm Force, a standalone novelette, Chenoire, and a new romantic thriller series, The Collectors, beginning with Lovely, Dark, and Deep. Writing as Suzanne Johnson, she also is the author of the Sentinels of New Orleans urban fantasy series.

Suzanne can be found online here:

More About Suzanne’s latest release: DEADLY, CALM, AND COLD

Deadly Calm and Cold, romantic thriller, crown jewelsFrom award-winning author Susannah Sandlin comes the second book in The Collectors series (each book reads as a standalone).

How far will ordinary people go to protect their secrets? The Collectors’ games are as much about manipulating lives as finding lost treasure. Everyone is expendable as the ruthless C7 pushes people into gambling with their lives in order to find priceless objects lost to history.

Samantha Crowe’s secrets could ruin her career, while Brody Parker’s could get him killed. They become pawns for two Collectors seeking Bad King John’s crown jewels, which disappeared in rural England back when Robin Hood roamed Nottingham.

This time, however, the Collectors–a ruthless dotcom billionaire and a desperate London detective–might not be playing for the same team, leaving Sam and Brody trapped in the middle.

One thing’s for sure: If either hope to survive, Sam and Brody will have to find a way to overcome their distrust–and their growing attraction–in order to succeed on this winner-take-all treasure hunt.

So how about you all? Any creative hobbies?

Me? Not really, unless you count painting rooms in my house every now and then (which I don’t, although it can be a fun project). I’ll admit though, I’m intrigued by the idea of mixed media artwork. I’ve mentioned previously (not sure if it was here or on Twitter) that I’d love to design/draw maps to go with my stories. And it would be really fun to do dioramas or models for certain settings (buildings, boats, bars…) but for now I’m going to stick with creating worlds out of written words. 🙂

Thank you, Suzanne, for guest blogging today and for sharing your artwork with us!

The Lovegrove Legacy: Whisper the Dead by Alyxandra Harvey

Today’s guest blogger is Alyxandra Harvey, author of WHISPER THE DEAD, a YA historical paranormal featuring witches, which releases next Tuesday. She’s here with character sketches and a chance to win one of three print copies (open to U.S. and Canada). To enter, please click on the Rafflecopter link at the end of the post. Welcome, Alyxandra!

Whisper the Dead, The Lovegrove Legacy, Alyxandra Harvey, YA, YA historical paranormal, witches

Visit magical London in 1816 and meet the heroine and hero of

Whisper the Dead from The Lovegrove Legacy:


Whisper the Dead, The Lovegrove Legacy, Alyxandra Harvey, YA, YA historical paranormal, witchesGretchen Thorn

  • Age: 18
  • Hair: short and blond
  • Eyes: brown
  • Familiar: Wolfhound
  • Magic: “Whispering”… sensing when a spell is going wrong and knowing instinctively how to fix it

Gretchen is wild and rebellious and impatient. Her twin brother Godric and her cousins Emma and Penelope are the only ones who let her be herself. Her mother is determined to mold her into a proper debutante, which is something Gretchen fights with as much dedication as she fights the Greymalkin Sisters terrorizing London. She spends most of her time hiding in libraries at social events like balls and musicales.

She has short hair, which became a bit of a trend in the early 1800’s (even Lord Byron’s lover Lady Caroline Lamb cut hers off). Gretchen is much more interested in riding horses, climbing trees, and sneaking about than she is in fashion— but she would have been the first to run out and chop her hair off as soon as she could. She feels choked by the rules of society and she isn’t too keen on learning a new set of witch-society rules.

She is quite keen however on thumbing her nose at The Order of the Iron Nail.

The problem is, the Order is now perfectly aware of her ability to get herself into trouble.

And Tobias Lawless, a Keeper, keeps getting in her way.

Whisper the Dead, The Lovegrove Legacy, Alyxandra Harvey, YA, YA historical paranormal, witchesTobias Lawless

  • Hair: blond
  • Eyes: blue
  • Familiar: Wolf
  • Magic: Tracking magic and curses

Tobias is a Keeper for the Order of the Iron Nail, sworn to keep the peace and protect witches from warlocks. He believes in rules and order, both for the protection of Magical London and also for the protection of his own secrets.

Which is why Gretchen Thorn is going to be a problem.

She is reckless, defiant, infuriating—and quite possibly the most interesting girl he has ever met.

Unfortunately, the Order comes first.


More About Whisper the Dead

Gretchen is struggling with her newfound gift as a Whisperer; the constant buzzing in her ears from detecting spells is more frustrating than fun, especially when she is spending time with one of the Order of Iron Nail’s Keepers, the icy but strikingly handsome Tobias Lawless.

But while Gretchen tries to hide the truth and resolve her feelings for him, London fades from beautiful and bustling to deathly silent …Something evil is once again menacing Mayfair, and Gretchen and her cousins must use their powers to prevent a horrible sacrifice.

Available at Amazon


The contrast between fighting off the Rovers and pasting a polite smile on her face for the single sons of earls was too stark. Residual magic burned through her. She was surprised the air around her didn’t crackle. Her mother shouldn’t begrudge her a stolen moment in the library, not if the alternative involved magic shooting off the ends of her hair. Hardly subtle.

Not to mention hardly marriageable material.

On second thought….

Better not. She’d already pushed her luck by going off with Godric.

Egyptian onion farming it was then. She walked along the book shelves, reading titles and glancing into the glass-fronted cabinets that held Lord Worthing’s collection of painted globes. It was dull and dusty and soothing. Her witch knot stopped aching.

Until someone grabbed her arm, yanking it behind her back and spinning her around. Her check pressed to the cold glass of a curio cabinet. Pain shot up to her elbow when she tried to move.

“Who are you?” a man’s asked, his voice quiet and cold in her ear.

“Who am I?” she barked back. “Who the hell are you?”

He evaded the kick she aimed at his most sensitive parts. Her skirts wrapped around her knees, hobbling and infuriating her. He turned her roughly around.

Tobias Lawless.

She wasn’t sure which of the two of them was more surprised.

Someone so chilly and perfect and wearing such a flawless cravat shouldn’t be mauling ladies in dark libraries. He also shouldn’t have several short iron daggers tucked inside his cutaway coat. It probably said something unsavory about her character that the sight of those daggers made her like him a bit more. But only a little bit.

“Let me go,” she yanked savagely down, breaking his hold. He didn’t move back, and his body continued to block her against the cabinets. The glass rattled.

“What are you doing?” he stepped closer still. She had to tilt her chin up.

“I am currently being accosted,” she snapped, driving the heel of her shoe into the top of his foot. He fell back a step, growling in his throat. Growling. He really didn’t seem the type.

She made a proper fist, not like the ones girls made when they hadn’t practiced before. She’d already punched a Rover tonight. She was very comfortable punching Tobias, Lord Killingsworth. Eager, in fact.

“What is wrong with you?” she asked finally. “Are you drunk?”

“Certainly not.”

She raised an eyebrow. “I’m the one being mauled and yet you take offense?”

“I can smell it on you,” he answered which was no answer at all. “There’s no use prevaricating.”

“I don’t usually bother lying about perfume,” she replied, now more bewildered than concerned.

“Not perfume,” he ground out, as if she was the frustrating one. “Dark magic.”

Her eyes narrowed to angry slits. “I beg your pardon.”

“As you should.”

She aimed for his head. It was big and fat and so perfectly groomed, how could she miss? He caught her wrist and squeezed. Hard. He shouldn’t have been fast enough.

An iron-nail pendant in the shape of a wheel slipped out from under his collar. Gretchen stared at it, then transferred her glare to his haughty, unkindly beautiful face.

“I knew it.” She gave him a smile better suited to one of the animals in the zoological gardens. “You’re a bloody Keeper.”

Alyxandra Harvey
Alyxandra Harvey

More About Alyxandra

Alyxandra Harvey lives in a stone Victorian house in Ontario, Canada with a few resident ghosts who are allowed to stay as long as they keep company manners. She loves medieval dresses, used to be able to recite all of The Lady of Shalott by Tennyson, and has been accused, more than once, of being born in the wrong century. She believes this to be mostly true except for the fact that she really likes running water, women’s rights, and ice cream.

More About the Giveaway



Whisper The Dead Banner

Thank you, Alyxandra, for guest blogging today! Tomorrow, I’ll post FF&P’s October workshop descriptions & links and Friday (hopefully!) I’ll load up some pictures from the Baltimore Book Fest. Hope everyone had as great a weekend as I did!

Sabrina Benulis, Author of the Books of Raziel Series, on Gothic Angels

Paranormal fantasy author Sabrina Benulis is releasing the second novel in her Books of Raziel series COVENANT on April 1st. She’s here to share a bit about why angels fascinate and inspire her. She’s also giving away three print copies of ARCHON, the first book in her series (US only) to celebrate her release. The Rafflecopter link is at the end of this post. Welcome, Sabrina!

Sabrina Benulis, paranormal, fantasy, gothic, angels, Books of Raziel

Don’t Be Afraid

Almost every author I know does research when they’re writing a fantasy novel. Of course, I’m no exception. Years ago (this makes me feel oddly old) when I first started writing The Books of Raziel series, I knew as much about angels as any other Catholic school girl or Hallmark devotee. Angels were always depicted much the same: typically a woman or androgynous figure with wings stuck to their back and an inviting smile. These angels weren’t scary or intimidating. They held hands with cherubs and sometimes you could catch them carrying bunches of flowers.

But I was always fascinated by what I remembered from my Religion classes. They were the stories of St. Michael fighting Satan, the harrowing accounts of Catholic saints being beaten up by demons, and the memory that when an angel appears in the Bible, the first thing they typically say is “Don’t be afraid.”

That last sentence intrigued me.

I knew when I sat down to write this book series that I wanted a different feel to whatever angels I put in the story. They of course needed to be beautiful, and enticing, and fascinating. But the more I researched, the more I wanted them to also reflect the true image of angels that our sentimentality has dismantled over the centuries. Those angels are perfect, but they are also alien. They’re simply on a different plane, and if you want to get technical, from another dimension. The human beings in the Bible instinctively sensed this and tended to shiver like idiots when a good angel appeared to them. I’m not sure I want to know what someone’s reaction would have been in front of a fallen angel.

Anyway, it was this sense of ‘otherness’ that I found irresistible.

The Books of Raziel series presents angels not merely as symbols of pure good or pure evil, but as a species separate from humans that shares the same gray areas. They are living beings, yes. They are people. But they are also above us. Their loves and losses are on a grander scale, and their world is something we can recognize, but also regard with fear and awe. What to us is supernatural, is natural to them. Their powers seem like magic, but as ever, anything that’s beyond our human abilities feels like grasping at stars.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that angels have become a popular subject in fantasy fiction in the past few years, and there are many authors who have taken the theme and run with it–for good reason. In a culture where science is everything, people need an escape. As an author I’d like to offer you one more vision of these incredible beings in my own personal fantastical flavor. Sure, it’s a gothic one, but there are plenty of cathedrals out there to match.

Don’t be afraid of angels?

Well, you probably should be. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy the thrill.

In closing, I’d like to thank blog owner Jill Archer for hosting me as a guest, and of course, visitors to the site who have been kind enough to share this glimpse into my writing adventures. Happy reading!

More About Covenant

The haunting gothic tale started in Archon continues-a mesmerizing work of the paranormal in which a young woman discovers that she is caught in a labyrinth of intrigue where angels, demons, and all the creatures between Heaven and Hell will stop at nothing to possess her.

A year ago, Angela Mathers, a talented artist with a tortured soul, enrolled at the Westwood Academy and encountered the angels who haunted her dreams. Then she discovered the dark truth … she is the Archon, a being of supreme power who will determine the fate of the universe. But with such power comes great danger, and for every force seeking to aid Angela there is another burning to stop her. After a scheming demon kidnaps the Book of Raziel, Angela must find her way through a nightmarish game and enter the Door to Hell to rescue her only friend before it is too late.

The perilous fate of both Heaven and Hell rests on her success.

More About Sabrina

Sabrina Benulis
Sabrina Benulis

Sabrina Benulis graduated with a Masters in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. She currently resides in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania with her husband Mike, and her spoiled cockatiel Caesar. COVENANT is the follow-up to ARCHON, her first novel.

Click here to enter to win one of three print copies of ARCHON, book 1 in the Books of Raziel.

So how about you? If you met an angel and they told you not to be afraid, would you believe them? Do you like books that feature angel and demon characters? (If you follow my blog, I’m betting you do! 🙂 ). Do you think that angel and demon archetypes can be used in myriad ways, serving as inspiration for all sorts of different otherworld stories? (I do! 😀 ) Congratulations, Sabrina, on Covenant’s release. Thank you for guest blogging today!

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Philippa Ballantine’s Weather Child: Character sketch and giveaway

Philippa Ballantine’s story, Weather Child, started out as a podcast novel, but a digital version will be available through Smashwords on March 1, 2014. To help spread the word about the new version, she’s doing a virtual book tour with Bewitching Book Tours. At the end of the tour, she’s giving away 3 copies of the book (print or digital, winner’s choice). Welcome, Pip!historical fantasy, Weather Child, Philippa Ballantine

Character Sketch

Faith and Ruth

Finding inspiration for characters is sometimes hard for writers, especially in the fantasy field. For Weather Child, set in New Zealand of the 1920s and 1930s it was actually very easy for me to do. I only had to look back into my past, and my family’s stories to find a spark that ignited the novel, Weather Child.

Faith is an expression of love for my great-Aunt Ruth. When my grandmother died I was about seven years old, and I knew even then that the large Ballantine family might well have spun apart. My Dad had seven brothers and a sister, and all of them were starting to build their own families. Family gatherings were a way for all those siblings to stay in touch in the time before Facebook. Into this gap however stepped my grandmother’s sister, Ruth Cromb. She had never married, but had spent her life helping others. She was a vibrant, cheerful character, who had friends of all ages wherever she spent time.

I know that the usual sort of female character that appears in most fantasy books is the arse kicking heroine, but this time I wanted to write a character that was strong, but not in that sort of way. I wanted to show the kindness and care that Aunt Ruth had, and show how that is a kind of strength too. Her belief in family, and her gentle determination to protect those she loved was her power.

However, I imagined what she would do if she had the powers of a Weather Witch like Faith has, and I knew immediately that she would use it for the betterment of those around her. So Faith become a government agent working to prevent those who might use seraph power to evil intent.

Aunt Ruth had a beautiful younger sister, so Faith got one too. While lovely in her own right, Faith grows up knowing most of the male attention around her is directed at Jean. While some people might be twisted by that, Faith still loves Jean, and the bond between the sisters is a strong one.

Faith’s magic is something that she earned when she had a horrible farm accident as a child. The seraph within her awakens and now she has power she is afraid to use. The accident depicted in the novel is the exact same one that Ruth endured. I still remember her telling it to me as a young child, and I was fascinated by her missing finger. To me it made her special and yes…magical.

Ruth passed away many years ago, and I still miss her strength and kindness. Yet when I was writing Faith, I found myself smiling as I was able to put that onto the page. I gave Ruth new powers, and a different story, but her soul remains intact in my words.

I hope as people read about her, they get just a little hint of what this special woman was to me and those who knew her.

More about Weather Child

Never alone. Never apart.

They are the Awakened, a unique breed of people in a remote corner of the world. Faith is one of these gifted carriers of the Seraphim; and in return of her unconditional love, her Seraphim grants her powers of incredible potential.

But not all carriers embrace their blessing.

Jack loathes being an Awakened. He never asked for it, his Seraphim keeping him alive even in spite of his desire to die. Not even a great war could rid him of this curse.

Now a magician of incredible ability and a walking dead man must find a way to work together to save the Seraphim. Someone covets the power of the Awakened, and will not stop until that power belongs to him.

More about Philippa Ballantine

fantasy, authorNew Zealand born fantasy writer and podcaster Philippa (Pip) Ballantine is the author of the Books of the Order and the Shifted World series. She is also the co-author with her husband Tee Morris of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences novels. Her awards include an Airship, a Parsec, the Steampunk Chronicle Reader’s Choice, and a Sir Julius Vogel. She currently resides in Manassas, Virginia with her husband, daughter, and a furry clowder of cats.

Pip can be found online here:

To enter to win one of the giveaway copies of Weather Child, click here. Thanks for guest blogging today, Pip!

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Fun Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Author Imogen Rose and alt-folk-punk group She Said Save Me release the album PORTAL

I interviewed Imogen Rose right before Halloween last year. She had just released her paranormal YA novel Uprising, the second book in her Bonfire Chronicles. She also writes a related series (the books share settings) called the Portal Chronicles. She recently teamed up with the acoustic, alternative, punk group SHE SAID SAVE ME from Toronto to write lyrics for an album to support her Portal series. Since I love the idea of artists teaming up and bridging creative mediums, I wanted to hear more about how their partnership came about. Imogen’s story is below. Bonus! => To celebrate the album’s release, she’s offering a chance to win 10 Signed CDs of PORTAL, 10 Portal Album Necklaces, and 5 Fridge Magnets. Welcome, Imogen!

She Said Save Me Portal Sountrack

 The Portal Chronicles

Soundtrack Single!

About a year ago, when Imogen Rose, author of the cult bestselling series, the Portal Chronicles, was surfing YouTube she stumbled upon a song, “If We Fall” by SHE SAID SAVE ME, and instantly fell in love with both the lyrics and the male vocal. She put the song on her writing playlist and looked up the Toronto-based band on Facebook… and liked their page. A while later, Imogen received a PM from Joe Vercillo, saying that if her books were ever adapted for film or TV she should feel free to use his music. She had no idea who he was, but looked him up. Imagine her fan girl squee moment when she discovered that he was the lead vocalist for SHE SAID SAVE ME! Imogen and Joe have been Facebook friends ever since.

The Portal Chronicles starts off with a serendipitous meeting in a London pub, which propels the lives of the characters into a time warp of what-ifs. During the prologue, which is the key to the story, Rupert is humming a song in that London pub where Olivia and he seal their fate. Imogen Rose always wondered what he was singing. Until late one night, when she closed her eyes and “heard” it. Imogen wrote the lyrics and SHE SAID SAVE ME put it to music. What better day than Valentine’s Day to release this song that defines the romance that is PORTAL?

Portal Single Release Giveaway

Joe Vercillo – vocals, guitar

Randy Lee – violin

Mike Olsen – cello

Ryan Granville-Martin – producer, engineer, arranger

Mastered by Nick Rawson

Lyrics by Imogen Rose


Tonight you wished upon our star
I had this feeling
Releasing dreams into the dark
Starlight revealing
A shooting star of promises
No delusions
Fades into the lights below
A spark of illusion

It’s fantasy, unwritten destiny
A portal to a secret wish
Is this real, or is this just a midsummer night dream’s what-if

Is this a dream of you and me
Is this a dream of you and me
Is this a dream of you and me

What if you’re not real, just hallucination?
An imaginary fixation
What if we escape to a new dimension?
Through a time warp in a broken constellation

It’s fantasy, unwritten destiny
A portal to a secret wish
Is this real, or is this just a midsummer night dream’s what-if

Is this a dream of you and me
Is this a dream of you and me
Is this a dream of you and me

For Soundcloud free download link, click the album cover above or here.

For i-tunes link, click here.

Imogen Rose Links:



Click here for the Rafflecopter link.

Click here for my October 2013 interview with Imogen.

Interested in more Valentine’s Day links?

Check out my 2013 10 Things to Do or Give for Valentine’s Day list

Or click here (SWAK, Part I) and here (SWAK, Part II) to read about the legal consequences of sealing something versus the romantic consequences of kissing someone. 😀

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Thanks to Imogen for the great giveaway!

UF/PNR Author Susannah Sandlin Segues to Romantic Thrillers

Susannah Sandlin (a.k.a. Suzanne Johnson) is here today to discuss her latest release Lovely, Dark, and Deep, which is a romantic thriller. Since she’s best known for her urban fantasy and paranormal romances, Susannah tells us how she shifted gears and used her skills to write action packed scenes minus the monsters. I think her new series sounds great! (But no worries if you’re a fan of her speculative novels… she’s still writing them too). To celebrate her release, she’s doing a tour wide giveaway: 1 $50 Amazon gift card, 2 $10 Amazon gift cards, and 2 Author swag packs (including books). To enter, click on the Rafflecopter link below. Welcome, Susannah!

Lovely, Dark, and Deep, Susannah Sandlin, romantic thriller

The thrill of it all, in human terms

by Susannah Sandlin

Paranormal fiction is the butter to my bread, the snap to my crackle and pop, the…well, you get the idea.

A funny thing happened, however, on the way through the writing of my Penton Legacy paranormal romance series (and my Sentinels of New Orleans urban fantasy series written as Suzanne Johnson): much to my own surprise, I really enjoy writing high-tension, high-action scenes.

A scene calls for a thunderstorm? I’ll make it a tornado or hurricane. Need a bad guy to torment your characters? I will make them so utterly evil that a father will put his son in a dark room full of hungry rodents…naked. Or wield a branding iron on the heroine. Or…well, you get the idea.

(I’m a nice person. Really, I am. I help old ladies across the street. I rescue puppies and kittens. I…well, you get the idea.)

So when I came up with the idea of a ruthless bunch of billionaires who form a club to compete for the world’s great lost treasures—no matter who got hurt along the way—I committed the literary equivalent of walking out on a limb. Yes, I left the paranormal world behind, at least temporarily, to venture into thriller territory.

The result was Lovely, Dark, and Deep, the first book of The Collectors series. It has romance, evil bad guys with ties to the White House, sunken ships, a sexy ex-Marine who drinks too much, a geeky biologist whose ancestor stole a priceless cross from the Knights Templar, deepwater scuba diving, a crusty old lobster fisherman who believes in aliens, and a dog named Tank.

How did it differ from writing a paranormal thriller like last year’s Storm Force or the Penton vampire series?

Not as much as you might think. Here were the major differences:

–The hero and heroine have to depend on their smarts to get them through situations. In working underwater, for example, they need tanks, fins and masks—no sprouting gills for these characters!
–When the bad guy comes after them with a rifle, they actually have to worry about human emergency rooms and the pesky laws about reporting gunshot wounds to the authorities. No wizards or memory modifications to handle that detail. And they recover as slow as, well, humans.
–They can drink alcohol and actually get drunk. And have hangovers. Oh, wait, so can my shape-shifters.
–They can walk around in sunlight without bursting into flames or sparkling. Oh, wait, so can shifters and most other non-vampiric paranormals.
–No evil, politically motivated vampire rulers or alphas….Oh, wait. I have politicians.

In other words, a paranormal thriller and a regular thriller, I was surprised to discover, aren’t so very different. I miss the “what-if” factor of the paranormal worlds, and they’ll continue to be the bread to my butter. But, I’ve discovered, the alpha-male human and his geeky heroine who’s a bit of a klutz? They can hold their own.

Lovely, Dark, and Deep (The Collectors, Book 1) is currently available for download as a Kindle serial for $1.99 for the whole book. The price will increase to $3.99 after the full serial releases on February 18. The print and audio versions will be available from all online retailers on May 13.

More about Lovely, Dark, and Deep

From award-winning author Susannah Sandlin comes a heart-pounding romantic thriller that pits a quick-witted scientist and a scarred ex–combat diver against a ruthless billionaire treasure hunter with ties to the White House.

When biologist Gillian Campbell makes an offhand comment about a family curse during a TV interview, she has no idea what her words will set in motion. Within days, Gillian finds herself at the mercy of a member of the C7, a secretive international group of power brokers with a dangerous game: competing to find the world’s most elusive treasures, no matter the cost, in money or in lives.

To save her family, Gillian teams up with Shane Burke, a former elite diver who’s lost his way, navigating the brutal “death coast” of the North Atlantic to find what the collector seeks: the legendary Ruby Cross of the Knights Templars, stolen by Gillian’s ancestor and lost at sea four hundred years ago.

More about Susannah

Susannah Sandlin writes paranormal romance and romantic thrillers from Auburn, Alabama, on top of a career in educational publishing that has thus far spanned five states and six universities—including both Alabama and Auburn, which makes her bilingual. She grew up in Winfield, Alabama, but was also a longtime resident of New Orleans, so she has a highly refined sense of the absurd and an ingrained love of SEC football, cheap Mardi Gras trinkets, and fried gator on a stick.

She’s the author of the award-winning Penton Legacy paranormal romance series, a spinoff novel, Storm Force, a standalone novelette, Chenoire, and a new romantic thriller series, The Collectors, beginning this month with Lovely, Dark, and Deep. Writing as Suzanne Johnson, she also is the author of the Sentinels of New Orleans urban fantasy series. Her Penton novel, Omega, is currently nominated for a 2013 Reviewer’s Choice Award in Paranormal Romance from RT Book Reviews magazine.

You can find Susannah online here:

To enter to win the tour wide giveaway, click here.

Lovely Dark and Deep Banner
Thanks, Susannah, for guest blogging today. Congrats on the release of Lovely, Dark, and Deep and best wishes for The Collectors series!

Epic Fantasy Romance Author Marsha A. Moore on the Fifth Element

Marsha A. Moore recently published the fifth and final book in her Enchanted Bookstore Legends series, Quintessence. She’s here to tell us a little bit about both the book and the alchemical element it was named after. She’s also offering the chance to win one ebook set of the entire 5-part Enchanted Bookstore Legends series and five ebook copies of Quintessence: Enchanted Bookstore Legend Five. Welcome, Marsha!

epic fantasy romance, Marsha A. Moore, Enchanted Bookstore Legends

The Exalted Power of Quintessence

Barbaric Dark Realm warfare threatens to overtake all Dragonspeir lands, including the Alliance. Lyra McCauley, the fifth Scribe of the Alliance, finds herself in a desperate competition to gather four missing keystones. Those amulets of the four natural elements guarantee victory for the side possessing them. The Dark Realm’s alchemist, Eburscon, beats her to finding the water gem, the Pearl of Pendola. Three more keystones remain: the fluorite containing earth energy, the moonstone of the sky, and the fiery, dangerous Emtori Ruby.

The powerful gems, stolen centuries ago, channel astral energies and can restore much-needed Alliance power—the last hope. The wizard, Cullen, who is Lyra’s beloved, relies on Alliance magic for his immortality and will perish if the land falls to the Dark Realm.

Lyra must use her rare magical energies of quintessence to guide her to the hidden keystones before her opponents, who plan to destroy the Alliance, or to claim the power of quintessence for themselves.

So what is Quintessence, and how will it help Lyra?

It’s an alchemical term, referring to the fifth essence or element, ether, the constituent matter of the heavenly bodies. The other four natural elements are air, fire, earth, and water. This fifth element is superior to the others. It is the divine spark hidden in all things, the reflection of the Celestial Fire. Quintessence is formed by the perfect balance of the four natural elements. The harmony of the fifth power is an exalted state.

The number five was considered very lucky and extremely sacred by ancient magicians. Lyra McCauley is the fifth Scribe of the Alliance, from a long line of strong female ancestors who were her predecessors in the role. As the fifth Scribe, Lyra is destined to connect to the master power of Quintessence.

The Black Dragon’s Dark Realm has mounted attacks so strong, the good Alliance is nearing defeat. Thousands of innocent lives are in danger. Astral connections, stolen centuries ago, are desperately needed to restore magical strength to the Alliance. Both its Guardians and residents now look to Lyra and her new powers of Quintessence to save them.

In this final book of the Enchanted Bookstore Legends, I visually illustrate when Lyra embraces her innate tendency toward Quintessence, by changing the light of her aura and the powerballs of aura she fires in battle from golden to violet in color. Historically, a violet hue has been used as a symbol of spirituality, corresponding to the divine spark of Quintessence.

So what happens when Lyra unlocks this Quintessence power?

She first encounters this difference when engaged in an aerial dragon battle with the Dark Realm, which is led by the evil alchemist, Eburscon. Previously, her powerballs lacked precise aim. To steady her shots, she often needed to borrow power from her beloved Cullen, the Imperial Sorcerer of the Alliance. However, the precision of her new Quintessence powers are exacting, unmatched by any allies or enemies. The quantity of Quintessence aura she compresses into her usual size powerball make her arm ache after just a few throws from the rush of power passing through her extremity. This takes her by surprise!

Upon realizing Lyra has gained control of her Quintessence, the evil alchemist, Eburscon, schemes and plots to steal that power so he may rule all of Dragonspeir. As one of the most learned men in the land, he is a formidable adversary. If he succeeds in taking Lyra’s Quintessence for his own use, the Dark Realm will overtake the good Alliance. Its residents will be killed or enslaved, Lyra will be left comatose without her aura, and her beloved Cullen will perish without the Alliance magic he relies upon to maintain his immortality. The risks are huge. Find out if Lyra will be able to master her new power in time to block the attacks of evil on her, Cullen, and the Alliance—in Quintessence: Enchanted Bookstore Legend Five.

Thank you, Jill, for hosting me today!


Real Alchemy by Robert Allen Bartlett, Ibis Press, 2007.

The Complete Book of Amulets and Talismans by Migene Gonzalez-Wippler, Llewellyn Publications, 2009.

More About the Enchanted Bookstore Legends Series

epic fantasy romance, Marsha A. Moore, Enchanted Bookstore LegendsThe Enchanted Bookstore Legends are about Lyra McCauley, a woman destined to become one of five strong women in her family who possess unique magical abilities and serve as Scribes in Dragonspeir. The Scribes span a long history, dating from 1200 to present day. Each Scribe is expected to journey through Dragonspeir, both the good and evil factions, then draft a written account. Each book contains magic with vast implications.

Lyra was first introduced to Dragonspeir as a young girl, when she met the high sorcerer, Cullen Drake, through a gift of one of those enchanted books. Using its magic, he escorted her into the parallel world of Dragonspeir. Years later, she lost that volume and forgot the world and Cullen. These legends begin where he finds her again—she is thirty-five, standing in his enchanted bookstore, and Dragonspeir needs her. epic fantasy romance, Marsha A. Moore, Enchanted Bookstore Legends

When Lyra reopens that enchanted book, she confronts a series of quests where she is expected to save the good Alliance from destruction by the evil Black Dragon. While learning about her role, Lyra and Cullen fall in love. He is 220 years old and kept alive by Dragonspeir magic. Cullen will die if Dragonspeir is taken over by the evil faction…Lyra becomes the Scribe.

More About Marsha

epic fantasy romance, Marsha A. Moore, Enchanted Bookstore LegendsMarsha A. Moore is an author of fantasy romance. Much of her life feeds the creative flow she uses to weave highly imaginative tales. The magic of art and nature often spark life into her writing, as well as watercolor painting and drawing. After a move from Toledo to Tampa in 2008, she’s happily transformed into a Floridian, in love with the outdoors. Marsha is crazy about cycling. She lives with her husband on a large saltwater lagoon, where taking her kayak out for an hour or more is a real treat. She never has enough days spent at the beach, usually scribbling away at stories with toes wiggling in the sand. Every day at the beach is magical! She’s been a yoga enthusiast for over a decade and recently completed a year-long Kripalu-affiliated yoga teacher training program. The spiritual quest of her yoga studies helps her explore the mystical side of fantasy.epic fantasy romance, Marsha A. Moore, Enchanted Bookstore Legends

Marsha can be found online here:

Clicking on the covers will take you to their Amazon pages. Click here for the Rafflecopter link to enter to win one complete set of the Enchanted Bookstore Legends series and one of five ecopies of Quintessence. Good luck! Thank you and best wishes, Marsha!