#WritersLife: Ed Hoornaert (a.k.a. Mr. Valentine) shares his 5 PHOTOS (adorable animal pics, an update on my garden, and more!! :-D)

My guest today is Ed Hoornaert, a former principal oboist and current romance writer, who shares his Five “Writer’s Life” Photographs. I couldn’t resist adding a couple of mine. Loved this post and hope you do too! Something that represents something unique about you Two things about this pic. First, the beautiful lady is Judi,… Continue reading →

5 PHOTOS with Vivien Jackson: Castellan, caterpillars, and cyborgs (#writerslife #SFR)

Today’s guest is Vivien Jackson, author of the recently released science fiction romance, Wanted and Wired. She’s here with her five writer’s life photos, as well as her thoughts on the biggest challenge facing writers today. Welcome, Vivien! The Photos Something that represents something unique about you I’m a huge gamer: console, PC, tabletop, RPG,… Continue reading →

5 PHOTOS: Jenna Barwin (#WritersLife – #vampires, bloody fish, and bromeliads!)

Please welcome Jenna Barwin, who’s here to share her five “writer’s life” photos! The Photos Something that represents something unique about you I shoot underwater photography. Recently, I considered whether there was a link between the sea creatures I photograph, and my fiction writing. Denizens of the sea and vampires share this in common: they… Continue reading →

5 PHOTOS: Viola Carr, author of THE DASTARDLY MISS LIZZIE (#steampunk #giveaway #writerslife)

Steampunk author Viola Carr’s latest Electric Empire novel releases today! She’s here with her five writers life photos, more info about The Dastardly Miss Lizzie, and a chance to win the previous two books in the series. Welcome, Viola! The Photos Something that represents something unique about you Viola: Well, I’m not sure it’s exactly… Continue reading →

5 Photos: Marie Johnston (#writerslife)

Today’s guest is paranormal romance author, Marie Johnston, who is sharing her five photos, a little bit about her latest release, and who she’s currently reading. Welcome, Marie! The Photos Something that represents something unique about you I play hockey, which isn’t terribly unique, but I didn’t learn until my thirties and I’d only ice… Continue reading →

ONLY 5 MORE DAYS TO ENTER! FFnP’s On The Far Side Contest (#SFF #Writers #GetPublished)

Unpublished writers: FF&P’s OTFS Contest gives you an opportunity for feedback and the possibility of getting your work in front of an editor. Rules, categories, and list of final round judges are below. Futuristic, Fantasy, & Paranormal RWA chapter presents: 2016 On The Far Side Contest Write fantasy, futuristic, or paranormal? Then the On the… Continue reading →

Be My Guest

DO YOU WRITE SPECULATIVE FICTION OR ANYTHING CREEPY, GOTHIC, OR WHIMSICALLY ROMANTIC? I’m looking for guest bloggers who write fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, horror… anything with speculative elements, but no erotica — angels & demons, vampires, shifters, fairy tale retellings, superheroes, sword & sorcery, epic quests, magical realism, paranormal romance, etc. Guests submit… Continue reading →