Lee Roland’s Vicious Moon: Excerpt and More Chances to Win Tour Giveaway

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The cover for Lee Roland’s Vicious Moon caught my eye and I thought I’d check it out. Recently released (July 2nd), it’s the third book in her Earth Witches series. Lee is currently on tour with Paranormal Cravings Book Tours. Below is more info and a chance to win all three books in the series (btw, I’m loving the cover of Viper Moon too!). Congrats to Lee on her new release!

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 Excerpt from Vicious Moon

Nyx is on the run from the Sisters of Justice

The Sisters had caught me on the highway north of Redding three hours ago, and run my car off into a ditch.  I escaped into the Shasta National Forest on foot.  I had no idea how they kept finding me.  I’d thrown every hiding and cloaking spell I knew at them.  No matter what road I took, they were eventually right behind me.  It was as if I had a GPS tracker on my ass—or my car.  That couldn’t be because it was the first thing I checked.

Running away had often been an important facet of life.  I had run away from my home in the Southern Georgia Swamp ten years ago when the leaders of my coven pressured me to take a bunch of vows and become a true certified witch.  And they wanted me to find a suitable man and produce little witch babies.  I didn’t want to be a witch, or at least their kind of witch, and I certainly wasn’t then, or now, a high-quality candidate for motherhood.

I wanted more.  I wanted the world.  Anywhere I went though, the coven could probably find me. I solved the problem by joining the Army.  Once I took the oath to serve, even witches would have difficulty extricating me from the military’s clutches.  Oaths and vows were important to them.  After the army, I’d lived and worked abroad until I returned to the States three years ago—to California, over 2,000 miles from the swamp.

I still had no idea why the Sisters of Justice were after me.  I’d led them on an energetic chase.  The only thing I carried was the backpack containing certain life essentials that I always kept in my car.  Battle trained by the army and conflict trained by life, no one would take me down without a fight.  Given the tenacity of their pursuit, I had a feeling it would eventually come down to that fight.  And I would use all my resources, magic, training, and anything else I could dig up.  Given their official function, abilities and numbers, I would probably lose.

I made another hill at a dead run. I could feel the power of the land in these mountains, and draw upon it like fuel for a fire.  It gave me the strength to run forever—or at least until I outlasted the Sisters.  I was barely winded and pursuit fell further behind with every step.  I should have taken an overland route long ago.

Down the hill, leap over a log and—something massive slammed into my back.  It rolled me over into some brush and banged my ribs across a rock.  Then an enormous slimy mouth locked on my ankle and a large body plopped down on me.  The body farted in my face.


The ridiculous canine that had been given to me as my familiar when I was a baby had taken me down.  I hadn’t seen him in ten years.  I didn’t have time to think about how he got here.  I pounded him with my fists.  “Get off of me.”

I wrestled with him, pushing and shoving, but he wouldn’t budge.  Since he was my familiar, I couldn’t use magic on him without hurting myself.  Some witches actually had familiars that helped them use magic, not pin them down for execution.  I was so blessed.

It didn’t take long.  The Sisters of Justice were on me in minutes as I struggled.

I suddenly had my arms twisted behind my back and a beaded necklace looped around my neck—a necklace infused with a powerful spell that would prevent me from using magic to escape. They’d come prepared.  Worse, I’d been betrayed by a creature I thought was my friend.

The tallest of the women spoke.  “Nyx Ianira, by command of the Earth Mother you are ordered to come with us.  If you resist, we are authorized to bring you by any and all necessary means.”

“Bitch.  You can stick your any and all means up your ass.”

What the hell did that mean?  If I resisted?   Of course I resisted.  Adrenalin raced through my body and I fought.  “Dirty cowards. Let me show you—”

I kicked one in the knee. She danced back, but not soon enough. I know I hurt her.

More About Vicious Moon

Ex-soldier and Earth Witch Nyx Ianira is working as a PI in San Francisco when she sees the last thing she ever wanted to see: the Sisters of Justice, the mysterious Earth Witch police force.  Three Sisters, a Triad, is usually a squad of executioners.  This time, though, the Sisters mission is to capture and escort an unwilling Nyx back to Twitch Crossing, Georgia.  Nyx ran away from Twitch Crossing ten years ago to escape the stiff rules and duties of being a true witch. She wanted a life of her own. Now she’s being dragged back to her swampy hometown because another life is in danger. Her little sister is missing, and Nyx is the only one who can go to the Barrows section of Duivel, Missouri and track her down.  But the key to finding her may lie with the dark and tempting Etienne—a sinister criminal with a fearsome reputation, a ruthless attitude, and a total immunity to magic.

Vicious Moon can be purchased here:

More About Lee

Lee Roland began her writing career in middle school when she wrote a short story for her brother. He turned the story in to his teacher as his own work.  To his amazement and terror, the teacher was so impressed that she read it aloud to the class—and asked him to write another one.

Lee notes that, other than motherhood, she’s never had an exciting job.  She might have dreamed of being a lawyer, nurse or police officer, but finding the right person to share her life with changed her plans.  Her only credentials for writing are a terrific imagination, life experience and the love of words in a good story.  She reads voraciously, but particularly loves Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.

Lee lives in Florida and is a full-time writer.  She is a member of RWA National and the Florida based First Coast Romance Writers.

Before being published, Lee won many RWA Chapter contests and garnered a Golden Heart nomination in 2008 with her post apocalyptic novel, LILITH’S CHILD.

Lee is the author of the Earth Witches series published by NAL, beginning with VIPER MOON in 2011.

Lee can be found online here:

The Earth Witches Series

and a Tour Giveaway

The Earth Witches, the keepers of the world’s magic, find chaos and desire in the hidden ruins of the Barrows.  Servants of the enigmatic Earth Mother, they battle men, monsters and personal conflicts to protect the world. With magic, modern weapons and strong companions, they persevere to save mankind from evil.

For a chance to win all three books in the Earth Witches series, click here for the Rafflecopter form.


Thanks for the excerpt and giveaway chance, Lee! Best wishes for Vicious Moon and the Earth Witches series!


Published by

Jill Archer

Jill Archer is the author of the Noon Onyx series, genre-bending fantasy novels including DARK LIGHT OF DAY, FIERY EDGE OF STEEL, WHITE HEART OF JUSTICE, and POCKET FULL OF TINDER.

6 thoughts on “Lee Roland’s Vicious Moon: Excerpt and More Chances to Win Tour Giveaway

  1. Thanks for sharing your post and the giveaway. I love this series and I would love to own the books.

  2. I love paranormal stories but haven’t read too many about witches…and this story sounds like it would be something I’d like, so I want to give it a try. Thanks, Jill, for your review and book excerpt. And I’m glad to “meet” you today, Jill!

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