I’m a former lawyer turned author/librarian who loves to hike, bike, read, and travel. At the beginning of 2017, I decided to track my success not by the number of books I sold, how much money I made, or how many followers I had, but in “words, books, and miles” – meaning, the number of words I wrote, the number of books I read, and the number of miles I traveled. If this sounds like a neat idea to you, join me!

Noon fans: I’m still writing the Noon Onyx series and intend to finish it. You can read more about what’s next for Noon here. Or subscribe to my author newsletter here.

Fellow writers: I blog about the craft of writing, but more often, I blog about the writing life. I host an interview series called “5 Photos” where other writers share their photos and thoughts on a variety of topics. You can check out former posts here or contact me if you’re interested in being a guest.

Story lovers: You can participate in my Reading Challenge. Each month I choose a bunch of books based on a theme and then read at least one and share my thoughts. Occasionally, I post about the movies or TV shows I’m watching. I love stories in all forms!

Outdoor and day trip enthusiasts: As much as I love getting lost in fictional worlds, I also enjoy exploring the real world. This means getting outside and going somewhere – a trail, the beach, the bay, a museum, public garden, amusement park… You can find past “On the Fly” posts here.

If any of this sounds fun to you, I hope you’ll stick around!